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Yeah you are man. You still have everybody else, now you got a whole family. You'll be okay.

Zenko Ichiyusai was the third of Maki's foster children to arrive. He was in the Kaifuku Children's Hospital for hypocalcemia, and was blind. He was incredibly friendly and one of the first things he did upon arriving was organize a stealth mission to get Coca Cola. Zenko was apparently blinded by his father.

Zenko Ichiyusai passed away peacefully in bed due to complications with his hypocalcemia at 12:51 AM, April 27, 2017.

Timeline Edit

Zenko arrived on April 25th of 2017. In order to get Coca Cola, he organized a stealth mission with Tenko and Yaeko. He pulled a sock over his head and disguised himself with the name George Clooney Jr. Kibiki V6 Blue hacked the machine for him and he escaped with all of the soda cans as Maki arrived.

He was present for when Jotaro was allowed back into New Bot City. Maki also found out that Zenko was blinded by his father.

Late on the night of April 26th, he struggled to wake up. His glucose levels had raised too high and he had to be treated. However, he would not last long. He assured Shimon, Yaeko, Tsuki, and Sakoto that everything would be fine then went upstairs to sleep. He hummed Hey Jude to himself just before he died.

Trivia Edit

  • His death officially won the Saddest Moment Ever Witnessed by Humans Award.