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Pancake's Teppa
I'm fuckin' God God Man now I guess.

Yomu is the fusion between Brooklyn "Oumod" Moore and Maki Harukawa. They have all of Oumod's godly abilities with zero restraint. They made Pingbot on the spot to assist Maki with caring for his foster children. They are highly intelligent despite their typical behavior and have a strong sense of self-preservation.

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Trivia Edit

  • First fused on April 25th.
  • They really love Update-san and Aku.
  • The first successful human-human fusion.
  • Switches between pretty chill and no chill, there is no in between.
  • Demonstrated as an example of a perfect fusion as they have: individuality, doesn't talk to themself, confidence, everything a sum of two stable parts amounts to, the ability to be made with no effort, two eyes, two legs, and two arms.
  • First fusion to get an album.

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