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Pancake's Teppa

The Bullshit Bag is an item-generating bag that only Maki can use. It originally started out as a joke on Maki's part because of the previous ability for users to pull objects seemingly out of thin air. However, once inventories were added, Maki still had the bag. This was apparently a glitch and the Bullshit Bag should not have been able to pull out anything at all.

Bullshit bag

The Bullshit Bag, as illustrated on the cover of the hit album "Megagiga".

General Parameters of the Bag Edit

  • Only Maki is able to use it.
  • If they give someone an item from the bag, it only registers to the user it was given to.
  • No living things can be pulled from the Bullshit Bag.
  • No guns can be produced.
  • No furniture can be produced.