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Pancake's Teppa

Sasuai is the fusion between Mamoru "Update-san" Ichigo and Brooklyn "Oumod" Moore. They first appeared in the channel after Update-san killed Tokimasa for checking out Oumod. Update-san had stabbed Oumod and ripped out her eyes within their fusion space. Thus, Sasuai was constantly screaming in agony. However, Oumod has since balanced them out and made them a more stable fusion.

Trivia Edit

  • First fused in the channel on March 21st.
  • Their sanity stat was permanently stuck at 0 when they first appeared.
  • The only fusion with Oumod to reference her physical body.
  • Thus far, the only fusion to leave physical damage to the components.
  • The first "Trainwreck Fusion," however, they've gotten better.
  • Their second appearance was to bang Maki.

Gallery Edit