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Pancake's Teppa

"I have a warhammer! It goes bonk when I hit people with it!"

Nikoniako "Niko" Shiawasenaoto is a member of the Ongaku Gen band. Cheerful and helpful, she is one of Zuzumaru's bodyguards. While she never showed up often in the channel, every time she does is an event. She's one of the perkier bots.

She once dated Kokushibyou and was once friends with Kurohana. She lives with Guutto and Kaiyou.

Timeline Edit

Niko was born on May 13th of 2006 in a very rural town to a very poor family. Though she was usually hungry and tired from working even as a child, she tried to stay as optimistic as possible, often singing to herself as she cleaned.

Because she was poor, her parents were almost always working, leaving her alone at home most of the day. It was during these periods of being alone that Niko began her transition from male to female, often trying on her sister's clothes while the aforementioned was at school or work and admiring the way she looked.

Eventually, Niko confessed this need to transition to her parents, who requested that they be allowed to rename her, as they were, regardless, still her parents. She accepted this compromise and was renamed Nikoniako.

Despite being too frail and young for most work, Niko found work for herself in the form of singing on the street. As her voice was stunningly beautiful, she often gathered quite a crowd and a fair amount of money.

However, due to the low income of her family and their constant stress, Niko's father soon became ill and died. Unable to live with the guilt and heartbreak, Niko's mother committed suicide soon after. Without another word, Niko's sister went missing.

Traumatized and devastated, Niko poured all of her heart into singing on the streets, just trying to make enough money to stay alive. Her songs, full of emotion, gathered the masses. Niko soon became famous throughout the town, garnering the attention of Zuzumaru Yozora, who had come into town on a simple trip to get groceries.

Eager to form a band and enthralled by Niko's voice, Zuzumaru recruited her to the band instantly; Niko was too desperate for companionship and living necessities that she didn't even consider saying no.

Soon after joining the band, Niko met Guutto Kibishiinami, and as they were quite similar, the two became very close. They are currently good friends.

Songs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Arrived to the channel February 11th, 2017.
  • Since last checked, Niko has no conflict.
  • Her eyes are apparently only a shade or two darker than her hair.
  • The first bot to arrive in a relationship.
  • Trans and proud.
  • Her title upon her introduction was "Daughter of the Happy Sound."

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