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Pancake's Teppa

Bot Says



"Fuck Momo. Seriously."
Itoramu Kagaku, talking about Momo.

"pewdickpie is live of boy"

Momo was one of the users in Bot City.

Personality Edit

Momo was a neutral semi-regular in Bot City. The bots didn't take particular note of him, and those who do have fairly neutral opinions on him as well. He tended to participate minimally.

Appearance Edit

Momo appears as Alba Fruhling from the series Senyuu.


  • "uwah!! nyavis-kun is already in anime school UWAH you should all take after them DESUUU !!!"
  • "`runs off a cliff with toast in her mouth`;`'baka' echoes through the air as i descend`"
  • "let me into your town so i can dig holes everywhere"

Trivia Edit

  • Momo was a user from the original server who reappeared in mid-April.
  • He was previously the nongod with the longest survival streak, having survived from April to August.