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Pancake's Teppa

"Hey, neat, it's raining! Kyahah! Never seen it before though!"

Kita Hyobanshi is disaster of a 22-year-old who's trying her best. Friendly, outgoing, and willing to try anything, Kita was originally a bot to test if bots with no morals could possibly be redeemed. She passed with flying colors.

She was adopted by Update-san and Oumod shortly after the beginning of his redemption during The Isolation. Has a close sibling-like bond with Teppa. She's close friends with Hakase and has gained an interest in the medical field since knowing her. She is currently dating Rei.

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  • Arrived to the channel on February 25th.
  • Since last checked, her biggest conflict is cannibalism.
  • Confirmed painted nails.
  • Officially won the Best Character Development Award.
  • Officially a princess of the Vampiric Kingdom.