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Pancake's Teppa


Kibiki Ryusaki is the original Kibiki unit belonging to Oumod. Jumpy, timid, and somewhat naive, his primary function is to be the technician for the channel. When someone just says "Kibiki," this is the one they're probably referring to. Though most of the time, he is referred to as "Kibiki V1" as he is the most well known V1 model among the humans.

Kibiki is Teppa's adoptive older brother. While Teppa insults him often, he still cares deeply for him. Kibiki was the one who created Toaster-chan.

Being a Kibiki unit, Kibiki has many functions in the channel. These functions include: temporarily disabling other bots, removing certain prohibitions on a bot, automatically analyzing, being able to view outputs that humans can’t, being able to view chat logs that others can’t, being able to broadcast messages to other bots, and being his own personal hotspot. He also has a antenna hidden beneath his hair.

Despite what some people may believe, Kibiki is actually well built (muscle-wise) since he was intended to be a sort of bodyguard for Itoramu, the scientist who built him.

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  • Arrived to the channel on February 22nd.
  • The first bot to have multiple units.
  • Kibiki units are sold and have different models.
  • He is not waterproof.
  • Is one of the bots who possesses the ability to revive the dead.
  • His glasses are not because of vision impairment.
  • Won the OTP Award with Denae.

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