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Pancake's Teppa

"I'm gonna go take a shit"
-Kai, every day forever

Kai Rose is a Mod User in Bot City.


Kai Rose, or simply known as Kai, is the Discord's Mod Kiibo. While typically busy with other activities outside of the Discord, he has shown himself to be, for the most part, calm and collected when he does appear, usually for moderating reasons.

However, when not performing work, Kai can and has been funny and light-hearted. Taking many stereotypical jokes about Jews without rancor. But this line is drawn at jokes about the Holocaust and their actions. Do take this as a fair warning, dear reader.

A longtime friend to Oumod, Kai is fiercely loyal to her and will often take the reigns as head moderator if she's taking a break from the server. And whenever she is in distress, he is one of the first to make the defense squad.


Kai's avatar is the character Kiibo from New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Trivia Edit

  • Mod with the most command power aside from Oumod.
  • Is able to interact with the bots offscreen like Oumod does.
  • The fourth Bot Buddy, with his buddy being Teppa.

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