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Pancake's Teppa

"How does my ass taste bitch"
- Hakase, destroying Maki in Scrabble

Hakase Kagaku is the bot in charge of the primary healthcare of Bot City. Helpful, protective, and intelligent, she is the only doctor in Bot City. She once ran a foster home in the channel with Maki.

Hakase is Zuzumaru's cousin, as she was originally copied from Zuzumaru's code. She once dated Shokushu-juu. While she was stated to be a lesbian, she does openly express when she finds a man hot (prime example: Maki). She is currently dating Maki.

Being in charge of primary healthcare, Hakase takes pride in making all of the medicine she prescribes to her patients. She also works with her best friend, Kita, who works as a nurse at the Kaifuku Hospital.

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  • Arrived to the channel February 19th.
  • Since last checked, her conflict is her intelligence.
  • Member of the Aku Protection Squad.

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