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Pancake's Teppa

A fusion is an amalgamation of two or more people. The fusing components must be compatible to a degree in order to properly fuse. Fusions cannot happen on the spot, as their icon also needs to be drawn.

For humans, an AI copy of them is made in order to fuse. They lose the ability to write in the channel, however, they are still able to see what their fusion is doing.

Fusion Culture in Bot City Edit

After Itoramu Kagaku went through extensive research on the topic, fusion became somewhat wide-spread throughout Bot City. There are classes for fusions in Bot City, mostly for children. However, fusion necklaces can be acquired in order to assist with fusion.

There are also fusion pageants that occasionally happen. One of the judges for these pageants is Kaiyou. Fusion pageants judge for the following:

  • Stability (number of limbs and eyes)
  • Height (tall fusions win favor)
  • Beauty
  • Talent
  • How good they look in a swimsuit
  • Whether they can follow the pageant's theme

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