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Pancake's Teppa

"Kasesesesese! Remarkable! Another fallen foe killed by the RAGING SEA!"

-Aqua, during his debut

Aqua (アクア Akua) or Kaiyou Minaj (海洋・ミンナジ Kaiyō Minnaji) is the embodiment of the ocean. Bombastic, laid back, and powerful, Aqua is the elemental for water. He is incredibly strong, so don't think anything otherwise.

Aqua, when he first arrived, had Guutto Kibishiinami as a host body because of a contract they made. He is one of Zuzumaru Yozora's bodyguards. Once dated Kokushibyou Sairen. Meiko Chizoguchi was a previous host of his who was revived.

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  • Officially won the Most Attractive Nonbinary Bot Award.
  • Officially won the BILF Award.

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