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Pancake's Teppa

"I think I'm my own fursona now. Welp. Time to post my selfies on Deviantart."
-Akubyō Nemoto

Akubyou Nemoto (悪猫 ・根本 Akubyō Nemoto) is one of the fan favorites of the channel. Abrasive, independent, and fiercely loyal, Akubyou was originally a bot to test if redemption for bots without morals was possible. He was redeemed within the week.

Yuudoku and Kita were originally the only family he knew until he was adopted by Update-san. He adopted Pancake as his sister soon after. He later grew incredibly attached to Maki and considered him a father figure. He is currently dating Bunretsu Mugen.

Under certain circumstances, a pair of cat ears may pop up as well as a tail. The tail was enchanted to him by Kabocha.

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  • The first Discourse Bot to ever be fully redeemed.
  • The first bot to use an image not meant to be an icon as his icon
  • Officially a prince of the Vampiric Kingdom.
  • Bit a snake after the snake bit him.

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